The Beautiful Sky

In Chicago, they have a bunch of meetups where you can go check out these really cool events and do wine tasting, meet new people, pretty much events that are made for your personal interest in things. My husband goes to a lot of these events for his web development. So last week he told me to sign up for an event where you can drink wine and paint a portrait with tons of other people that you don’t know. The cool thing about this, you get to network with so many people and have a great time doing this.

If you don't already know Chicago has an awe-full case of winter blues in the winter, the sky is very gloomy with tons of snow all over the city. Color has faded away and so have the smiles. During the car ride, I was thinking about what could I paint that would brighten my spirit up. It was a bit of a struggle at first. We arrive at the event and everyone has their paint brushes ready to start moving. It finally hit me, why not paint a portrait of what I would love the sky to look like during the winter. I have a few sips of red wine to be exact, I mixed my colors together and I started moving my brush. I gathered all of my emotions that I was going to put towards my portrait, it was almost as if my brush was moving on its own and I had no control of it. I added a lot of colors but not too much I still wanted to make sure it looked realistic for Chicago. I did make sure to add grass to add the finishing touch. My end result of my portrait was breathtaking.

Well it just so happened they had a mini contest for the best portrait so my portrait was entered in and before I walked away to head back to my seat they quickly asked me what was the title of my portrait and I glanced at it and said “The Beautiful Sky”...