The Beautiful Melbourne

Why I adore Melbourne..

I can give you tons of reasons why Melbourne is my favorite place to travel but for now let me start off with a few reasons why traveling to Melbourne is my most favorite place.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is breathtaking. In my opinion, there is nothing comparable. This is one of the most beautiful coastal drives ever! The view of the ocean is unbelievable and tranquil. I get mesmerized just taking walks in the sand and hearing the ocean waves or driving overlooking the ocean with my window down feeling the fresh air hit my face.. it's healing.


The Architecture in Melbourne is amazing. I live in Chicago and yes Chicago has pretty awesome looking buildings but Melbourne is on an entirely different level. They have the most amazing architecture nothing comparable to any other city. Its uniqueness is incredible. St Patrick's Cathedral is a perfect example of uniqueness. I can sit and appreciate the beauty of this church forever. It's absolutely a “must see” when visiting Melbourne.

In my opinion out of all the cities I have visited and lived in there is nothing comparable to the Beautiful Melbourne. Melbourne is life changing, it makes me appreciate the world and how beautiful it is. If you are looking for a vacation to sit back and relax with the breathtaking views and experience,then Melbourne is the place to be. It will have you not wanting to go back home.. well at least in my case. I will forever call Melbourne the greatest and most of all The Beautiful Melbourne.