New York Pizza

Home of the best 1$ slices

My husband and I lived in New York for a year and our favorite thing to do is walk around New York and try a bunch of 1$ slices of pizza. It's actually a really fun thing to do. Besides the fact that we eat a bunch of calories in one day, we really enjoy finding a bunch of great restaurants. There's no pizza like New York Pizza. I will never forget this restaurant that is in my opinion the best dollar slice I have ever had.

It's located in Chinatown and who would have thought that Chinatown would have my favorite pizza slice. When my husband and I walked in there it was super tiny, with a few chairs to sit and enjoy your slice. The owner had a bunch of photographs of himself and a bunch of famous people that have eaten at his pizza shop. Let me tell you this shop is nothing fancy, but they always say don’t judge a book by its cover.

I got a slice of pepperoni and my husband had a slice called the “everything”. “Everything” pretty much had EVERYTHING on the slice! I can't tell you how fast we practically inhaled that slice of pizza. It was so delicious we didn't even talk. It was like talking was an interruption, so after inhaling that slice of pizza we always make sure that we go to Chinatown to get our favorite slice. I recommend you all to try this it's really fun, and it is a great way to try the best slices of pizza in New York.