I am the kind of woman that doesn’t like big fancy parties where all of the attention is on me. I love being spontaneous. I’d prefer to walk around the town with a big puffy white dress and my husband wearing a flannel shirt of some sort. In my opinion, it's more intimate than paying for 100 people to attend a wedding and turn out flat broke at the end of the day.

Last week we decided why not jump on a flight to Laguna Beach California, get married in Laguna, Niguel and have a honeymoon too while we are at it. 

So that is exactly what we did. We live in Chicago and the winter blues here is just overwhelming.  We were anxious, the feeling was similar to a little kid being handed over a box of chocolates. 

Especially when our we were able to hold our plane tickets in our hands, instantly the winter blues went away and we were ready to feel the sand in between our toes. We arrived at Laguna Beach and everything was going in our favor, with eighty-degree weather, the smell of the palm trees, and smiles so bright!  I realized I didn’t have a big puffy white dress or even the time to go hunt for one, it was so hot I don’t even think I can manage to wear a puffy dress with the sun beaming on me. So I walking into Forever 21, by the way, is so much better than the Forever 21 clothing stores in Chicago. I hunted for a simple pretty white dress, not to mention I am eight months pregnant so my dress also has to accentuate my baby bump.

I thought I would have trouble with this, literally took me fifteen minutes. I walked through practically grabbed every white dress I thought would match my criteria. Went to the fitting room, the second dress I tried on, was the dress. I couldn’t have picked a better dress. I paid for the dress and basically got ready in the car. We arrived at the courthouse, which, by the way, is  absolutely breathtaking.  Nothing like a courthouse in Chicago. We got in said our vows and our I do’s and we were finally husband and wife and I wouldn't change the way we did it for anything in the world. It was perfect, everything was.