Morning Routine

As I grow older I’ve realized that my morning routine has changed over the years. I look for a more relaxed setting. Every Morning I do my daily morning routine, drink a cup of chai tea latte (I can taste it as I write about it), and put my running shoes on. There's a trail I like to go for a run at, the views are incredible.

I get to see and hear the ocean waves, there's nothing better than running with relaxing noises to clear your mind. There's a beautiful swing that ends my run every morning. It’s a very simple yet beautiful swing.

It’s made out of wood, placed and positioned in the most perfect way, right in front of a few bushes but not too many where you can’t get to enjoy the ocean, with skies so clear so you can be mesmerised by the sun rising. I always make my morning goal to end my run at this simple but beautiful swing. I arrive at my end point of my run, as much as I want to sit because my legs are tired, I stretch. I arrive just in time where the sun is rising, but I still have a few minutes before the sun rises completely.

I spend about five minutes stretching to relax my mind and body. It is so soothing, I love to feel a hint of fresh air hit my face as I stretch.

I finally sit as this beautiful swing rocks back and forth I watch the sun rise. I clear my mind and watch the sun mesmerize me with its overwhelming beautifulness.