Exploring The Unknown

I might be the only one who loves to explore isolated areas and get lost in the views. I don’t get freaked out being alone in a big place in fact I feel like I receive five-star treatment. It’s like having an entire mountain to yourself, with no one to interrupt you or break your focus. I don't have to step on my tip toes because someone really tall is standing in the way of my view. So when I get the chance to explore these isolated areas I make sure I have my camera in hand ready to catch these amazing photographs.

Last week, I decided I wanted to explore, it seemed to have been a day where the weather would be bearable. I took my backpack brought my lunch and went.

I took pictures of a ton of random stuff. All of a sudden it starts to snow, I saw these black birds heading in a direction so I decided to follow them.

The led me to this mountain that was incredible. I haven't seen anything like it before. Before the birds flew off I was able to snap a quick picture so I would never forget this group of birds who I randomly decided to follow and by the way I am so glad I did. I stopped and looked and sunk in this beautiful isolated mountain. All I could do was admire the view, with just enough snow to cover the mountains I was able to get photographs that I would never imagine of having the privilege to take!