Beach For The Holidays

I can’t tell you enough how much I love spending my holidays at the beach with my family! There's absolutely no better way than to spend my Holiday at the beach. I’m very fortunate to live across the street to the most beautiful beach in Laguna, Nigel. Montage beach is where we spend most of our holidays.

We wake up early prep the food, bring the grill and the beach chairs out and have a cookout in the beach. I always get so excited, the family comes out with all their beach goodies and have an unforgettable time. To the laughs and the never ending table of food. With the fresh air hitting my face and the sound of high wave's it’s absolutely tranquil.

I capture my best memories during this time of year. I love the pictures I get when my little cousins cover me in the sand, they are my most priceless moments.

With the beautiful view of Laguna, Nigel and my family circled around me, with never ending laughs. It’s my favorite way to start and end my holiday.