by InnovaStudio   

Learn the system that lets users create their own websites

Learn the "secret" code behind dynamically created multisites with custom domain name support

Use, extend, and re-brand the project for commercial use

This guide explains, in a simple step-by-step manner, how to develop a "drag & drop" web building service - we call it PageWithLove - starting from a simple HTML5 page, and ending in showing you how to configure your hosting account to support multiple dynamically created websites.

PageWithLove is a minimalistic CMS project that gives the users the ability to create their own websites and build their content. You can use, modify, extend, and re-brand the CMS to start your own online commercial web building service.

PageWithLove Highlights:

  • Drag & drop content builder
  • In-place content editing
  • In-place image embedding
  • Content versioning & rollback